Chiropractic Reviews New Bedford

Since my chiropractic adjustments with Dr. Merolla, I no longer have occasional neck pain, I no longer have low back pain with standing (I used to wear foot orthotics),  and my sinuses are better. -R.B.

When I first met Dr. Merolla, I was having on and off daily pain on the right side of my middle and lower back. At times the pain would travel into my neck. These pains had begun during my freshman year of high school when I ended up at the bottom of a pileup of heavy high school football players.  At that time I had heard a crack in my back, but no immediate pain. I am happy to say that I am no longer in pain since seeing Dr. Merolla. –C.B.

I injured my low back at work while performing some heavy lifting. I had pain that went from my low back into my left knee and groin. This was not my first experience with this kind of problem and I have sought Dr. Merolla’s care in the past. Now my low back is as strong as ever and all of the pain is gone. I have even begun taking vitamins and herbs that were recommended by Dr. Merolla to help prevent further injury to my spine.  – J.J.

I was involved in a motor vehicle accident. I went to the hospital but gained no relief. I began experiencing migraine headaches. The hospital did a CAT scan of my brain, which was normal. I saw my family doctor and another doctor, who ordered further tests in the form of an EEG.   That was also normal. I began care with Dr. Merolla. I was experiencing pain at the top of my head, both temples, into my neck and down both shoulders to my elbows. There was a constant ringing/hissing in my ears, and I had an unsteady feeling when I was standing and sitting. I even zig-zagged when I walked.  Dr. Merolla did a full exam and explained to me the relationship between the nerves of the neck and my brain. He began adjusting my neck three times a week to make sure that my nerves were not being pinched while my body healed. Today, almost four months later all of my symptoms are gone and my body has completely healed to the best of its ability. –W.B.

When I began care with Dr. Merolla, my problems had started almost a year before. I was at a job where I spent forty hours a week on my feet. I began having on and off numbness in my middle and low back. By the end of the day, I could feel a tingling traveling down from my neck to my toes. To make matters worse, I was also experiencing sharp pains in my middle and low back. I even had a sharp pain shooting from my neck into my skull that caused headaches every other day. When I met Dr. Merolla, I was just living with the pain.  I was given a full exam and x-rays. Dr. Merolla explained what was wrong with my spine. I have not missed an adjustment yet and I feel better than ever!!! –T.B.

I had pain for about twenty years. Ever since I was a child the middle of my back would hurt and get tight with activity. My only relief was to relax and rest.  I also had headaches that had begun about two weeks before seeking care and were occurring every day. They were worse with work and with stress. The headaches went away with sleep, only to return the next day.  I also had low back pain that began about two months earlier and was a constant soreness. I had had two previous low back injuries. It was the leg pain, however, that prompted me to call a chiropractor. The pain was sharp and traveled from my low back into my thigh. Three days after it began, I was in Dr. Merolla’s office.   After an examination and x-rays, Dr. Merolla began working on my spine. He explained about chiropractic adjustments, subluxations, and treating the whole person. I am happy to say that I am now pain free. Not only is my leg pain gone, but my headaches and twenty years of back pain are a thing of the past. – C.R.

I was having left shoulder pain. The pain could travel into my neck and at times the upper back. The problem had been present for years.  Besides this pain, I also had mild weekly headaches, pain in my elbow

on and off, and pain in the right hip whenever I sat down. I am happy to say, that after almost eight weeks of care, I was pain free.  -M.M.

When I first came to Merolla Chiropractic, I was suffering from chronic neck pain for over a year. The pain was a dull, achy soreness that went from the base of my skull into both shoulders.  Looking up made the pain worse, and occasionally, I would get an intense pain that traveled from the base of my skull into my right shoulder. Dr. Merolla examined me and took x-rays of my neck. He then explained my problem: the discs in my neck were thinning out and pinching the nerves.  I began chiropractic care but had one problem. Before coming to Dr. Merolla, my internist discovered that I had an inner-ear problem. My equilibrium was off and I often felt unsteady and faint. I had been placed on the drug Antivert and the Internist thought the adjustments might make the problem worse. I informed Dr. Merolla and he assured me that he would alter my adjustments for my condition. Five adjustments later I was off the Antivert and have not been on it since!!! The unsteady feelings and faintness are gone and my chronic neck pain can be managed successfully with regular chiropractic care. –C.B.

When I first began care with Dr. Merolla, my low back had been hurting every day for two weeks, but also I was having constant right hand pain, my left hand had been tingling for months, my left arm and grip had become weak, and my upper back and neck were in constant pain. Since starting care I have been pain free.  – I.P

I began with Dr. Merolla after a car accident. I was suffering with pains from my neck to my low back. The pain was sharp and at times burning. My left arm and fingers went numb on and off.  I had shooting pains down my legs. Besides that, I had suffered from daily headaches for the last twenty years. I had been to numerous doctors and was told that my job caused the headaches. So I lived my life with a headache each day. When I began with Dr. Merolla, we sat down in his office and he explained my injuries to me. He told me there might be a relationship between a pinched nerve in the neck and my headaches. We would just have to wait and see. Well, after care all my pains are gone … along with my headaches.  And I have the same job. -M.C.

I was suffering from severe migraine headaches for 10 years.  The headaches were located behind my eyes and over the top of my right skull.  Along with the headaches, I was having nausea and a problem with bright lights hurting my eyes. Sometimes, when the headache was in my right eye and got bad, I would even walk around in a foggy haze. I would usually get between one and four migraines a month.  These headaches would last two days. My relief came from taking over the counter medication. I could only take the medication on nights when my husband was home to watch the children because the medication made me drowsy and I would go to sleep. I was also suffering from regular headaches. These were located on the top of my head and above my eyes. They came about three times a week. My history with these headaches went back ten years.  My migraines and headaches were worse over the last year. I also had right neck pain for three months, a dull constant knot. I had low back and leg pain since my pregnancy and it was occurring two to four times a month. I began chiropractic adjustments with Dr. Merolla twice a week. In just under six weeks, all of my pains and headaches were gone. – R.B.

I first began care with Dr. Merolla for low back pain. I had bent over and lifted an object weighing about 200 pounds. I felt immediate sharp pain and was stiff the next morning. In about a week, however, the pain went away.  Unfortunately, I soon had another episode of low back pain after being in a pool. This pain felt different and literally had me bent over to the left, that’s how I arrived at Dr. Merolla’s office. And I was having leg pain for the first time. I was getting headaches about once or twice a month and they lasted all day. Sometimes the headaches were bad enough to make my eyes twitch.  My headaches were always made worse with stress. It took about four Tylenol to control them. I had these headaches for about ten years. Also, my neck was stiff most mornings when getting out of bed. While this was not a major concern for me, it did take about a half hour each day to get rid of it. After about four weeks of care, I was pain free and no longer had headaches. – P. B.I began with Dr. Merolla due to a severe episode of low back and left leg pain that began after an injury while swimming in a pool.  But I had suffered with on and off low back and leg pain due to a fall that occurred 12 years ago. I was also having sinus problems and headaches on a regular basis. I am happy to say that since starting care all of these pains are gone.  Also, I am taller. At least it feels that way. Since starting chiropractic care, I have been able to reach up and turn on my ceiling fan without standing on my toes. I have never been able to do this and I’ve had that fan about ten years. -M.P.